CHAII, founded in 2010 by Angie Datt, after many years of design and manufacturing experience in the Scandinavian fashion industry.

Angie was born in India and returns to her roots to find the beautiful and unique textiles that represent the core of the collection, her products are made from traditional embroidered silk and cotton, originally used as blankets and shawls in India, but now converted into contemporary clothing and accessories. 

CHAII presents a collection of fantastic coats and jackets made of hand-quilted cotton and soft leather with unusual and colorful linings, same or similar materials are also used for a range of bags in all sizes from small cosmetic pouches to large weekend bags.

To complement, there is also a small selection of bohemian tops, dresses and kaftans in silk and cotton and soft wool shawls and silk scarves in gorgeous colors to give a complete wardrobe for luxury hippies.

CHAII customer is modern and individualistic, she appreciates the unique and timeless products that can be used for several seasons rather than just the latest trend without compromising on quality and aesthetics, most products are made of recycled materials, and is a sustainable and environmentally friendly concept.